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where do I invest my time?

am I giving God my best or my worst?

am I giving God my best or my worst?

Where do I invest my time and energy? what or who occupies my thoughts each day….As I think “things” of the earth or so important, as well as  responsibilities to others, commitments to relationships/friendships is what keeps me accountable to someone. BUT this cant compare to the value of my life which is spent seeking, praying for the Lord to continually reveal what I am suppose to be doing? What does it mean to seek something: a strong desire and an energetic quest to achieve it. Now this could be like my husbands stamp/coin collections–they were like “gold” to him as he studied all of the details of rating their worth as well as condition of the actual item itself. He just didn’t look at these collections occasionally? he spent a lifetime gathering tools needed, books to be able to research here at the house, as well as spotting details of something that’s fake!

believe in the Lord

In this same way, seeking the Lord is not just a quick and occasional encounter-but a whole-hearted effort to know HIM more intimately and follow HIM more closely. Am I paying attention to the worth in HIM, the desire to achieve knowledge of HIM, or just a quest to tell someone…”yes, I have already read the Bible through” like its a normal book from a research library here at my house. I have to be pursuing fellowship with God, be determined to spend time with HIM.

My pursuit in life: should be to be in pursuit of God, to seek HIS treasures which are always available for me to use; to also seek HIM and discover KNOWING HIM.

V.O.T.D.–“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven”.–[Ecclesiastes 3:1]


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