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2-D Grace

He delights to give

Grace: comes to us in 2-D (two dimensions) vertical & horizontal. Vertical Grace centers in on our relationship WITH God, which is amazing! It also frees us from the demands/condemnation of the Mosaic law. It enters the room with the announcing of “hope” to us as a sinner. The GIFT? eternal life-with its numerous benefits in our Heavenly homes.

Horizontal Grace zooms in on our personal relationships with its charm. It too frees us from the habit forming mindset of pleasing others & adjusting our life to the demands or expectations of the “others” who are suppose be our friends? don’t forget the OPINIONS which we let cloud our hearts at or in the wrong opportunities…This type of Grace gives us freedom and its benefits. Are you a silent type of person like me? sometimes the guilt/shame is silenced by the imposing of such misused freedoms which we dangerously inflict like a weapon towards others. YET we can still claim HIS-GRACE to protect us from the “bullies” who are disguised to be deceiving us-

There are a couple questions to ponder…do I add to others guilt or do I lessen it? am I the type of person who promotes another’s freedom or do I restrain it? This should require me to give myself a attitude exam, as I am in control of how much mercy I will receive from the Lord. Is my attitude alive and full of HIS-GRACE? or is it destructive to others resulting in being a stumbling block. I am suppose to be a “Grace-giver” NOT a “Grace-killer”!    

                                                                       V.O.T.D.–“Thou hast forgiven the iniquity of thy people, thou hast covered all their sin”.–[Psalms 85:2]



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