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stuck in a ruck?

marvelous grace

marvelous grace

       In John we read about a man who had been sick for 38 years! His bed had been carrying him, and now Jesus was telling him to carry his bed! So what could the key be for me to be unstuck? First: do I want to be free; Second: do I want to own up to where the blame belongs (which is on myself at times) instead of shifting the blame for my problem to someone else.                                                      

       Another key that is greatly important is to obey what the Lord tells me, whether it makes sense at the time or not. This seems impossible at times when I have to give the “reigns” BACK to the Lord as I have held them way too long. A “borrowed quote”  from Mary: “whatever He says to you, do it” –(John 2:5)

       Am I listening to the Lord’s instruction in my heart? if not then I need to search for my next step to be in His Word. There cant be any FAITH without any type of action…there will be something that God will require me to do in order to release or express my faith. Its not because the Lord hasn’t spoken to me, but He has-and I just haven’t obeyed; I have made the decision to tell God NO!

am I speaking the truth?

 am I speaking the truth?

V.O.T.D.–“Jesus said to him, Rise take up your bed and walk”. –[John 5:8]


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