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hallowed be THY name

The song “you and me against the world” comes to mind when I think about the battleground which I sometimes am forced to step foot upon? This “ground” should at times be a “hallowed-ground” when we are trampling through the muddiness of the world…have you ever taken a guest or follower with you while traveling down a new path? If you are a guide, then the task or challenge you may be using are your eyes;  how often we think that we are the guide when its suppose to be HIM being the guide.

am I alone in the battle?

Do you have a designated look-out point or destination to reach?  hmmm….how many trails will I have to take as I wind my way through the forest? As I am walking I am giving a report to the followers if I am being the right type of “guide” for my guests. Is your voice getting louder and louder as you describe to your guest the excitement of getting nearer to the designated place-or is their silence as its a chore to be this guide? What about the waterfall up ahead…do you just look at the length of it, or do you describe its colors as the sun shines on it?  Sometimes the splendor of the beauty which you are trying to describe requires this such silence. Have you been a guide to a blind person lately? They see with their hands and ears of the environment they are in.

There are times to speak and yet times when we violate the moment. Personally I am a silent person, and don’t take the roaring voice of excitement but if I am guiding my guests into a room with a piano-my hands can do the roaring on the piano as well as become silent. When the Lord is being my “guide” am I giving the highest respect to HIM? or am I using my roaring voice to talk OVER HIM. When God is silent He is viewing if I am being the representative or ambassador that I am striving to be. Are you serving HIM as HIS guide or are you trampling over HIM to get to your destination. There is a reverence when we are standing on “hallowed-ground”!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         V.O.T.D— “After this manner therefore pray ye: Are Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.”–[Matthew 6:9]


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