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down the path like Judas?

In Luke 22:1-13 we read about the story of the man called “judas”. This story has the ultimate categories of: guilt, pain and shame causing a spotlight on sin. Chosen as one of the 12-Judas was privileged to walk the paths in which our Lord walked, as well as be in the midst of miracles while traveling. He had the job of being the “watchman” over the disciples’ money box, YET he was a thief.

thief in the midst...

WANTED: judas  iscariot

Do you know my Jesus?

Greed was Judas’ weakness, even when Mary had anointed the Lord’s feet he complained and stated “why was this perfume not sold for 300 denarii and given to the poor people? which later when reading in the Bible we find in the next verse clarifying that Judas simply wanted the money for himself. Doesn’t this make you wonder how long could Judas have been stealing from the Lords blessings in the box? apparently this box was not checked too often or he would of been cast out, or rebuked by his friends…[just thinking out loud here]  Have you ever been robbed while you were NOT home? there is a violation that’s felt and an uncertainty or fear to leave again. A thief in the midst seeking opportunities to betray and cheat God’s people while doing HIS-ministry can also apply to some of the churches today as their may be some deceivers in the “judas” category.

We must have daily communication with God for we know our sins cant be hidden from HIM. Do I have hidden sins? yes, but they are not suppose to be in the greed category when it comes to doing HIS-ministry. If I am not careful then the “roaring-lion” will come after me as he knows what my weaknesses are. Am I asking God daily to reveal sins which I need to confess? I need to deal with them today, not tomorrow when its deeply wounding my heart. I don’t want the nick-name ever to be “just call me Judas”….so I know Jesus keeps me in the cleft of HIS-hand from ALL the wrongs which I have done!

V.O.T.D.–“The Devil is like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”—[I Peter 5:8]—- And in Judas, Satan found a willing victim. If we’re honest with ourselves, each of us has a natural tendency toward sin.


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