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sowing or reaping

So often when we deal with difficult children, its easy to form judgments about them based upon their behavior or attitudes. BUT have you ever stopped or wondered…what has made the child seem so disagreeable or insensitive? hmmm….how do their parents act or react?  In Jeremiah 32:17-19 the Bible speaks of when God “repays the iniquity of fathers into the bosom of their children”. This can also be towards us as Mothers too! How difficult it truly is to break the generational cycle of sins, unless we make a deliberate choice as a parent to change. To change some of the sinful dysfunctional type of behaviors we must seek God’s guidance, instead of seeking the others approval.

am I reaping what I sow?

am I reaping what I sow?

This is in the category of the principle of “sowing and reaping”. We as parents pass down our standards as well as our parents standards when it comes to character/personality in raising our children. Are we keeping in mind also the “conduct and character traits” of God in the process as well? If we don’t change our own sinful habits and attitudes then these same traits will find their way into our childrens lives. —  hmm..and what about our grand”children? they are seeking these same things as they grow up right before your eyes…

Have I wounded my own children emotionally?  yes, in many forms of behavior and characteristics which are not healthy or positive. YET I know that despite my flaws that my childrens lives have been shaped by so many Godly traits & characteristics! I have a heart of compassion for wounded people, or I should say I can empathize with them! this is a Godly type of trait which I stand in awe of when I hear the words mom guess what? as they tell or unfold a story of how they opened their heart or came to aid of another stranger or co-worker.


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