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“drop and give me 20”

Whenever someone hears the word boot camp they automatically think “military.” There is no question that the word boot camp was and is used frequently by the military, but that shouldn’t scare people away. Boot camp is a word that holds a strong reputation in both civilian and military lifestyles. This word has become an activity to those who choose to develop themselves mentally and physically. This last statement will be clarified in detail and will let you decide if you’re ready to challenge yourself. Ever heard the phrase “drop and give me 20”?–I literally means to drop and give 20 push-ups! this was on my mind this morning when I woke up, so I thought ok, its what I am suppose to write about today! so hear goes…

rest area

A real boot camp is a place where men and women go because they don’t feel disciplined enough to succeed at something. This is a place to prepare you to go ahead in life and give you that extra push. Do I need that extra motivation to make myself successful and follow my dreams?  Yes, I enlisted in a military boot camp (my pleasant surprise? “boot-camp” was my home at times when I was a kid growing up…!!) Am I trying to get myself in the best shape of my life just physically now at my age of 52?— NO, I am trying to get into shape “spiritually” as some of my previous experiences that I  have went through was extremely difficult, but I made it by Gods Grace not by my own! Looking back on the experiences, it was well worth the sacrifice of me mentally, spiritually, as well as physically to get into the best shape. The vigorous training gave me what you may ask? I received confidence, faith & self esteem to take on any challenge I could possibly encounter in life (you see I carried not only worldly armor but also God’s) It feels like at time in my mind I just ran & ran?  YET when I finished, I ran some more!  [Exodus 23:12]

the Lords plans

I think the  bottom line is, if you want to get in shape/or STAY in shape, you need someone like God in your life making you do things you wouldn’t do on your own.  How about you are you searching for “just the right” boot camp class? then  look for the following in the instructor/mentor: discipline, enthusiasm, joy, uses an appropriate format-God’s Word/ structure & humbleness in their life. Most of the exercises should consist of the following: push-ups in all variations–(push yourself up, after you have fallen down) , sit ups-(sit-up and take note!), calisthenics-(be in the best shape, even when you are feeling your worst…), flexibility-(God could “call” you to do something spontaneous today?) , and of course endurance with the main focus of  YOU centering in on what your “focus” should be….   Take it from me, someone who has had an inside look at a real boot camp!


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