how big is your “barricade”

Barricades on the road of Life… Deuteronomy 4:44-53/written by: pat tucker 12/16/01

Life: as a “6-lane highway”…we’re zoning along oblivious to signs along the highway? as the setting takes place-We dodge barricades & ignore warnings because: we think we know where we are going? No one or nothing can stop us or even slow us down….therefore going over a cliff to our doom!

1. Some “barricades” make us think: [verses 5, 7-8 & 11]– BUT what about our goals, rights? what about OUR God?

road way

2. Some “barricades” make us slow down: [verses 5:12-13]– BUT we still need a day of rest/as well as reflecting some of our time WITH  God.

3. Some “barricades” make us stop: [verses 5:16-21]– STOP-WAIT what  am I doing? do I have to change my direction? shouldn’t I be more careful? what about all of  the “others” driving around out here?


4. Some “barricades” make us seek a better destination–What about using a map…NO AS REAL MEN DONT USE MAPS! when were we suppose to get there, as I ask my wife….

5. What happens if we ignore the signs & “barricades”–What about the ditch over there? what about the one lane ahead…..

happy highway

6. hmmm… looks like a sign up ahead–“DO NOT ENTER…WHEN FLOODED”—(well spoken, don’t you think?)

7. Passing between the parts: we make a covenant WITH God [verses: 5: 1-3]–HE NEVER lets us down on HIS part; OUR part is ALWAYS a struggle

just borrowed todays thoughts from his sermon book…thought you might like a “peak” into his “humorous-brain”


2 comments on “how big is your “barricade”

  1. Enjoyed this. Interesting thoughts from Pat. Thanks for sharing

  2. occasionally there will be a “feeling” that I should insert his thoughts…..as my brain is in shutdown mode? but, don’t have his sense of humor!

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