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dark is the night….

Lets begin with the thoughts of nightmares….you know the kind in which you wake up in a cold sweat? or the kind where you wake up screaming only there is no sound coming out. Snakes come to mind-they quietly slither around on the floor in the nights shadows in my dreams at times. “how dark is the night” as I look around and its only 2pm? I try and go back to sleep, yet I glance at the clock and it now reads 4:22pm and before I know it the sun and its glowing light is peeking through the slightly opened vertical blinds in my room. Have you had nights like this, where the night seems to never end, the dawn seems hours away.


Do you remember hearing quotes about an old city watchmen? perhaps you have read stories about them? they call out in the old movies “one O’clock and all is well”—its still “dark is the night”. So many evil things happen during the nights as the world has its groaning of death. You hear a gunshot across the street where a school is, or a child has been abducted….”dark is the night“. A serial killer is shown on tv which was in your neighborhood last night?—your neighbors house across the street from you has their home broken into, and a few days later you yourself have your vehicle stolen right out of your own driveway? –“dark is the night”.

Your children no longer listen to what you say, now they don’t want to visit or call you on the phone?— “dark is the night”. Friends whom you thought were your friends have talked about you behind your back instead of talking TO you? —-“dark is the night”light over darkness

You have probably gathered I am not talking just about the “color” of darkness nor the physical darkness. I have tried just like everyone else to hide from it by: turning off the tv, or stop reading this type of news in the paper!!— (for those of you who still read such an instrumental dark ages tool?)

light of the world

In the Bible we find “the WORD” which he calls “the LIGHT” -which existed before there was a concept of time–[couldn’t of  been seen then neither]. Jesus came like the dawning of a NEW day & there was HOPE! Darkness was banished by Jesus dying on the cross for me and you-He was buried & resurrected; now fast forward—2,000 years later- and we are still facing the same type of problems- crime, murder, robbery, death, wars, slavery & poverty. Has he forgotten me? NO, HE is coming back as a thief in the night….it could be HIS return in any minute or in a few days or years? Have you turned ON HIS-LIGHT? OR are their snakes still slithering around in your world of darkness; are you brave enough to go towards the direction of HIS-LIGHT? In John 1:5 –“And the light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it.”—- [It cant overcome] the darkness hasn’t taken completely over your life & there is hope! A NEW day will dawn when Christ returns….Are you ready?


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