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are there any weeds in your garden?

Gardening is a wonderful pastime. It has been referred to as a labor of love. There are many aspects to successful gardening.tomatoes

1. is the preparation of the soil. (make it ready to receive the seed)

2. is the selection of the seed. ( we must determine the crop we desire)

3. is the planting of the seed. (plant at the right depth and spacing)

4. is watering the seed. ( we use water to nourish and germinate the seed)

5. is cultivation. (we must keep the weeds from taking over our garden plot)

6. is feeding our plants. ( we need to give our plants food for growth)

If a garden is left unattended it will soon be choked with weeds and the crop will be lost to them. Now you didn’t plant the weeds in your garden but they still appeared. If we read in Matthew 13:18-43, it describes the above; YET we can clearly see that there is an intent to “steal away” our knowledge of God’s truth in the Word [by guess who?] Satan of course, who also is the culprit for “choking out” your Spiritual Faith as well. How strong is your Faith IN HIM? do you tend your garden once a week, or every month….no, as it will not produce if not tended to in the right manor.



Lets look at the word “tares” which were planted by an enemy [satan, again]—what are tares? it is a species of rye-grass, the seeds of which are a strong sporous type of POISON; this bears the closest resemblance to wheat till the ear appears & then the difference is discovered! did you know that this grows plentifully in Syria & Palestine?

the question is: am I tending to my Spiritual garden OR am I finding weeds [tares-poison-sin] still growing?—- am I cultivating in my garden or heart the “seeds” of righteousness? although this type of tending/work takes hours since I have several areas of my yard where there are plants-I find the job of weeds just never ends. Since I live in the desert of rocks and hills its tough to show life exist in my garden areas, BUT I have plenty beauty to look at!


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